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It is our intent to help coaches match their pole vaulters to the correct pole for their ability.

We Love Pole Vaulting

Innovators push the boundaries. They are change agents who relentlessly make things happen and bring new ideas to execution. Innovators consider the history of pole vaulting, but take scientific development of materials and leaps of faith to reach a new level of achievement.

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01.our histroy

We have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tubular products using many advanced composite materials.


A large part of our sales are to OEMs in the golf and archery industries. Both of these industries demand extremely tight tolerances, impeccable quality, and a highly disciplined manufacturing structure.

03.our mission

We make the best poles in the industry and it is our goal to match athletes to the right pole under all circumstances so they can reach their potential.

04.our values

Each of our poles is a labor of love and science that produced a durable, lightweight pole with the responsiveness for which every vaulter strives.

providing personalized and high quality services.

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video gallery

It is our goal to provide instructional and inspirational pole vault videos to help you jump higher and safer.