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Meet Bruce

Bruce Caldwell

Bruce is the former owner and founder of ESSX Sports, LLC. In 2014, Bruce sold his equipment and ideas, along with his patterns, to UST Mamiya. Currently, Bruce consults with UST Mamiya on the development, improvement, and maintenance of the equipment, and is the acting Director of Marketing and Sales.

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As a competitor, coach, author, and consultant to many world class athletes and sporting good suppliers, Bruce, along with his team, have developed, designed, and engineered a wide variety of high quality products for the Track & Field Industry that help athletes perform their best.

It all started in his backyard as a child. At age 13, Bruce started swinging on the casted T clothesline pole to see who in the neighborhood could swing out the farthest distance.

Through the pole vault, Bruce found his passion at a young age. He has been busy ever since creating products that help athletes of all abilities jump higher.

Questions about the Pole Vault?

If you have questions about vaulting poles, equipment, safety, or coaching Bruce is willing to help. With over 45 years experience in the Track and Field Industry, Bruce is available for consultation.